S. Sukhjinder Singh Memorial Public School was found by S. Swinder Singh Gill in the year 2001 with the sole aim to prepare students to be global leaders. Our school is affiliated to CBSE with very experienced staff members. Our vision is to bring out the uniqueness in every child. we believe that every child is born with some inherited characteristics, into a specific social-economic and emotional environment and trained in certain ways by figures of authority. As children grow up they should be given opportunities to practice certain good acts repeatedly so that good habits can be inculcated in them.


The school has a set criteria to bring new students in the folds of the family of Sukhjinder Group:-
* Admission is open to all but is subject to the availability of the seat.
* The admission is open for Nursery and the candidate should be 3 years or above.
* Admission for classes L.K.G. onwards are done on the basis of a written entrance test and availability of seats.
* Admission depends on the sole and absolute discretion of the Principal and no counter claims shall be entertained.
* Students will be admitted to only those classes for which they are found fit after the entrance test. Principal’s decision in this regard will be final and binding.
* Bus facility is provided by school but school reserves the right to with draw the facility. Pick up stops are fixed and no request for new stop is considered.
* Mid term admission is not made except in transfer cases. Exceptional circumstances may be considered but will be the sole privilege of the Principal.
* Students Coming from the other schools must produce following certificate from the school attended.
1. Transfer certificate from the school attended.
2. Progress reports and details of co-curricular activities in the previous school.
3. Birth certificate issued by Chief Medical Officer. (Only attested copy).
4. Four passport size photographs of the students.
5. One photograph each of father and mother for school record.
6. One attested copy of the passport (if issued).
7. Photo copy of vaccination card for student taking admission in Nursery, L.K.G. & U/.K.G..
8. One photocopy of Aadhar Card.